Piedmont Media Research uses statistical analysis involving a proprietary consumer research metric to determine which movie concepts are likely to do well, and which are likely bombs, from as early as the initial concept level. Further analysis based upon this metric, in a fuller predictive regression model, has proven highly accurate in determining both opening weekend and total movie box office grosses, and can be used before a penny has even been put into production.

Testing on over 350 recent movies using cross-­‐tabbed demographic breakdowns predicted, among many others,that films such as “Cowboys & Aliens”, “John Carter”, “Battleship” and the upcoming summer release “R.I.P.D.” would be notable domestic bombs, while films such as “The Help”, and more recently “Lincoln” and “Zero Dark Thirty” would be outsize hits, several months before any of these movie opened.

In addition to early concept testing, Piedmont also employs the Consumer Engagement metric as a tracking service, measuring moviegoer response to upcoming films twice a week, from 12 weeks prior until theatrical release. The metric has proven more accurate and more predictive than simple use of traditional awareness, interest, and choice.