Piedmont Media Research uses its proprietary Consumer Engagement™ metric to determine the strength of movie-goers personal connections to film concepts. The company uses this consumer research data to accurately determine which movie concepts are likely to do well, and which are likely bombs, from as early as the initial concept level. Statistical analysis based upon this metric, in a predictive regression model, has proven over 89% accurate in determining opening box office grosses, and can be used before a penny has even been put into production.

The Consumer Engagement score can be used in several different ways to aid in making smarter investment and marketing decisions- film and television concept testing, accurate valuation of actor values, tracking a film’s strength in the marketplace from an earlier point than is otherwise available, and testing out the strength of concepts in the home entertainment market.

More than just one overall score, the company is able to break down its consumer response data into granular demographic categories to tell you specifically how targeted groups are responding to a film idea, from any single given point in time- based on age, gender, ethnicity, frequency of movie-going, education, income, geography, among other population groupings.