Piedmont recognizes digital distribution is a key growth driver for studios. As such, we’ve tailored our syndicated tracking data to help predict how each movie will perform in digital in general, but also on individual digital distribution platforms, including Amazon, Netflix, Set Top Box on demand, and Game consoles. Data is presented as an index score showing the strength of those who watch new release movies on demand via each listed platform. The higher the index vs. other movies, the more this movie appeals particularly to this segment of people.

Piedmont also provides insights into how a movie is indexing among those with certain strong perspectives on theater vs. digital, including moviegoers’ willingness to wait to see a movie on digital instead of in theaters, and their likelihood to see the same movies again digitally that they already saw in theaters, presented as a similar index strength score as well.

Reports are available 16 weeks before a movie’s theatrical release. Clients can determine whether theatrical success or disappointment will carry over into digital, and which digital distribution channels are most likely to be a source of success for a given movie.


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